Welcome to Campus

The virtual home of the sports, personal health & wellbeing community

Generating impact & legacy, together.

Campus is for those who dream big about the future of sports, personal health and wellbeing, and are willing to roll up their sleeves and work hard to make that future a reality.

Inside Campus we are working to create:

1.   A sector that is delivering financial and social impact for years to come

2.   A sector that is a radically collaborative one, where those within it work together to accelerate each other’s growth

Campus provides the online spaces and tools for us to be together, meet together and work together so that we can build that future.

What happens in Campus?

Day to day - connecting with like-minded people through a warm intro, a comment thread or a direct message, finding interesting content in the feeds, attending virtual talks and meeting with your own community.

When the magic happens - coming to a Campus IRL event, feeling the sense of belonging that comes from being in the room with other brilliant people like you, deepening the connections you’ve made with those people in Campus, discovering how you can generate impact with each other and then getting to work back on Campus, together!

Who is it for?

Campus is for those committed to growing themselves as well as start-up and scale-up businesses. 

It’s for:

-   Founders who want to grow their business, efficiently

-   Those who want to create an online home for the community they host

-   People who have the skills to help business and individuals grow

-   Brilliant individuals who want to develop personally and professionally alongside others

Everyone in Campus knows that the best way to create impact and build a legacy is consistent small steps with others inspiring, guiding and working shoulder to shoulder with you.

Should you join Campus?

If you are driven by generating impact and leaving a legacy, then yes

If you have the resilience to compete ferociously, then absolutely

If you have the ability to care deeply for others, then you’re one of us.

If you’re able to imagine a way of working that is defined by a collective spirit, then we’d love to welcome you in

If you‘re focused on growth, one step at a time, then come on in.

Come and join us

If that sounds like you, our community hosts - Sean and Fliss - are inside waiting to welcome you in and connect you with other members who can inspire, guide and work alongside you.

Choose a plan and come inside!